JoySprout Productions specializes in unleashing joy and creativity in community through providing event marketing, event planning and event production for social enterprises, social ventures and social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, are people “who create a business to remedy some of society’s problems while still making a profit. A socially conscious individual who generates social value from his/her efforts.”

Generally, our clients are Cultural Creatives* who love nature, place a heavy emphasis on developing and maintaining relationships, helping others develop their unique gifts, volunteer with one or more good causes, have intense interest in spiritual/psychological development, have a concern for the support and well-being of all women and children, want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life, dislike consumption, are unlikely to overspend or be heavily in debt, are concerned with big business destroying the environment and exploiting poorer countries, like people/places/things that are different or exotic.

*Excerpted from the book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World by Ray and Anderson, 2000.

Success Stories

“Anna was a high-touch, thorough, event organizer from start to finish. The Creativity Symposium was a perfect forum for creative women in the NW to get tips and tools to grow themselves and their businesses. Timely, well organized, great food, and one of the easiest events to speak at, thanks to Anna’s skills and follow through. I highly recommend her!”

–Patti Dobrowolski, Up Your Creative Genius

“Working with Anna was awesome. I’ve thrown tons of events before, but her level of oversight blew me away. She thought of so many things that I never would have thought of that made our event go smooth and without a hitch. She’s super positive, and I had a pleasure working with her. I’d love, love, love to work with her again.”

–Mikel Samaniego, President of Angels for Angels & Founder of Nonprofit Leaders’ Organization

“After my first initial conversations with Anna, I realized my non-profit School had to go a totally different direction. She helped me clarify the framework for my new direction, the core values, which made it easy to make choices on our branding and marketing as well and who we worked with on our board of directors. What I really appreciated was creating an overarching strategy that aligned with our vision, and having the weekly accountability to take the actions most relevant to forwarding our organization’s mission. Without Anna’s support, Kobi Academy which has 12 team members, 9 teachers, 80 students, and recently fundraised $20,000 dollars would not have been what it is today.”

–David Makonnen, Founder of Kobi Academy

“At the end of the day, there’s not always a sense that you matter…that wasn’t what I got here. It felt very intimate from the beginning…Anna and her team is uniquely interested in a diverse way to share people’s talent. And they network with intention, clarity and detail at a very high level of engagement. This is a way of being, not just people putting together people. I’m here because there’s a way of being that I’m experiencing that engages me.”

–Janaki Severy, Managing Dynamics

“As a social entrepreneur, speaking at an event for like-minded business owners was inspiring and affirming… the entire day was well run and different from other business events. I loved the “chef off” at lunch and the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs in mastermind circles was terrific. I can’t wait for the next one!”

–Amy Lang, Birds + Bees + Kids, MamaCon Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

WOWZA!!! What an AMAZING event!!! Great design, terrific content, superb speakers, yummy food, powerful purpose, grand community building. THANK YOU to all who made it happen. I loved it!

–Marilyn Schoeman, GO! Green Light,

“I was very impressed with the amount of JOY in that room, and the care that you all took in pulling this event together. Well designed, pretty well-paced, excellent value for the cost. I’d love to be more involved somehow … what a great group of women! And, I was actually glad to see a few men in the room. Oh, and OMG thank you for bringing in the music, that was a really fantastic part, and just so heart-warming and inspiring.”

–Anne Jess, 2014, Doodle Biz, Creativity Symposium attendee

The food was rapturously delicious and abundant. (The Brie with grapes! I’m dreaming of it now!) An amazing number of topics/speakers presented in a very short time. Everything seemed to run on time. Generous time allotted for talking and socializing. The mix of “head and heart” – straight-up talks interspersed with presentations by musical/physical performers. I met some super-interesting people I wouldn’t have come into contact with, and I’m sure there were many more I could have met.”

–Attendee, TEDxBellevue “Sustainable Happiness”

“I really appreciated the opportunity to speak with all of the brilliant minds in the room during breakout sessions and lunch.”

–Imani Sims, Poetess, Six Split Productions

Everything from the greeting to the environment to the flow of talks to the great use of theme. It was just so classily done.

–Attendee, TEDxBellevue “Sustainable Happiness”

“It gave me hope. I really did get a sense that the TEDxBellevue talks would leave outside that room, ie. people planning future get togethers, sharing/offering their resources. The leadership team did good job out of making this event.”

–K.M. TEDxBellevue 2012 Volunteer

“I am now leaving the event feeling a sense of wanting to donate to charities. There were a couple of speeches that inspired me to want to do this.”

–M.X., TEDxBellevue 2012 Volunteer