JoySprout Productions offers strategic event planning services, including marketing strategy planning and event production. Our events unleash joy and creativity in community through personal and professional development events.

We curate both the attendees and attract top speakers for the events that range from 2 hour lunch and learns or happy hours for 10-30 people up to 150 person half day events that have panels, programming, breakouts, and special entertainment.

Past event engagements include Ignite WA, TEDxBellevue, Creativity Symposium, Thrive, and University of Washington.

We specialize in serving Executive Women, Women Leaders, Entrepreneurial Women and Social Ventures.

A Perspective for Success
People who have organized events know that one of the hardest parts of planning events is making money and getting people to show up–again and again.

We bring over a decade of “in the trenches” experience to help you answer questions like:

What are the best infrastructure and systems to put in place now to make your next event that much easier?

What will be the best pricing point to attract the right audience, sponsors, vendors and production team members and make money before, during and after the event?

How can you keep creating valuable, relevant opportunities throughout the entire process?

What creative environment (aka venue) will inspire everyone to be themselves, make meaningful contributions, and learn in the most cost-effective way?

What compelling copy and messaging will keep your team, partners, sponsors and participants excited all throughout the planning process?

At JoySprout Productions, we look at an event as a catalyst for sustainable growing your organization and boosting your triple bottom line. We have a strategic framework to articulate your “why” so the event experience becomes palpable now. This framework becomes the foundation for all your marketing copy that creates excitement for your tribe: your attendees, vendors, sponsors, team members, and speakers. Then we use our market-tested templates, checklists, processes, systems, organization to jumpstart what needs to get done.

Think of us like your all-in-one marketing, production, team management, and strategic planning team to ensure your organization’s long term success.

About Anna Choi

Anna Choi, Anna Choi, Mother, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author is fiercely committed to empowering the next generation of global leaders through events that foster social change. She serves social enterprises, entrepreneurial women & young leaders by creating events that unleash creativity, joy and cultivate love based leadership.

Anna brings over a decade of event organizing experience, working with the University of Washington, TEDxBellevue, Thrive Cafe, Creativity Symposium, and Ignite Washington.

After selling her 5 year financial planning practice in 2010, she went on sabbatical, published a children’s book, and pursued her dream of being a mom. She water birthed her son and when he turned one and a half years old, Anna’s husband quit his full time work to become a stay at home dad, while she became the sole breadwinner. When Anna was suddenly terminated overnight in a very nice job, she took it as a major course correction from the universe to follow her heart as an entrepreneur.

Anna created JoySprout Productions to help social enterprises unleash joy and creativity in community through providing strategic event planning and production services. Anna shows you how to attract your tribe, share your message and build community for social ventures.

She has a unique perspective: not only has she lived abroad in Italy and South Korea and visited Africa, Costa Rica, and Qatar, but she has also been formally trained as an artist, violinist, and financial planner!

Currently, she is also a Self Expression and Leadership Program Leader, bringing over 5,000+ hours of professional training and development in communication, leadership, and team management to organizations, unleashing joy along the way!

Our Strategic Event Planning Approach

Forget long strategic plans that collect dust! In our initial meetings, we’ll capture the essence of your event using our Strategic Framework Process needed for a successful event: Vision & Messaging, Team of Collaborators, Finances, and Programming.

Vision & Messaging
We want to know– “Why” are you having the event? We’ll ask you questions to help you discover your story, the story that lights you up and inspires you. Your Story will be used as the foundation for all messaging of the event–whether externally for potential sponsors and attendees, or internally for your team and other collaborators. Messaging is critical for keeping everyone in flow in all phases of an event.

Creating Your Team
Who’s your A Team? If you could work with anybody, who would it be? We’ll help you select and determine which team members best fit what roles so everyone is fulfilling on their full potential. Your team is broad and includes staff, volunteers, contractors, speakers, vendors, sponsors, and even attendees!

Part of what makes the process leading up to the event so effective is having clarity on roles and keeping in the action that produce results!

We’ll create your major milestones that are specific and measurable, an action plan to guide you each week, then you’ll come up with your Top 6 Actions for you and your team to implement each day. In short, we are here to support you in creating sustainable energy and clarity for your event so you can celebrate accomplishments all along the way!

Finance, Funding & Sponsors
We’ll help you create and manage your budget by estimating your expenses and providing you needed templates. Being resourceful while creating a high quality event is the name of our game so you can meet your fundraising or profitability goals.

When it comes to sponsors, partners or other collaborators, we’ll support you in mastering how to create opportunities for others to that leave potential sponsors and vendors eager to say yes to your offer.

Who do you want to be at the party? Think of an event like Match.com for making a difference in the world.

Which speakers have a genuine community supporting them with whom you want to build a long term relationship with?

When we know who’s coming to the party, and their highest quality connections, we can sprinkle in special activities and events that cultivate stronger connections, and provide an environment for that social capital to build.

We’ll help you create activities before, during and after the event to create excitement and make the event buzz last as long as possible.

You can count on the logistics, art direction, and other goodies attendees receive supporting everyone making the best connections possible.

Marketing & Promotion Strategy
Using the compelling copy you’ve crafted in your messaging, we’ll recommend which outlets make the most sense for you to attract your tribe and get the word out to relevant outlets supportive to your cause.

We believe word of mouth and in-person engagement through pre-event and post-event activities is the number one way to attract your tribe and keep the love flowing.